The Nottinghamshire Bobbin Lace Society, formed in 1975, is a point of contact between local lacemakers.  It serves to provide resources, promote exhibitions and lace gatherings and as a forum for lectures and visits of interest.

The Society runs Pop-in sessions at Sherwood Community Centre in Nottingham, nine times a year.
Lace Days are held five times a year, in January, March/April, June, September and November. There is occasionally a speaker and one or more stalls of various lace suppliers at each Lace Day.  The Society also holds a one day course with tutors early in March in Wollaton and a weekend residential course at Eastwood in late June.

Society membership is open to all ages and, to encourage young lacemakers, many of our events are free to Junior Members aged under 18. Members receive a newsletter four times a year.  This site features the details of all of our get-togethers and visitors are welcome.  However, if you are interested in learning about bobbin lacemaking, attending a class might be a better first step.

Classes are available in Beeston  Derby  Farnsfield  Ilkeston  and at the Sherwood Community Centre in Nottingham.  There are self help groups to be found in Beeston   Eastwood   Mansfield and Beeston and at the Sherwood Community Centre.  Please, if you are new to us, contact us first.  That way we can make sure that your first visit is a productive one.

Want to see bobbin lacemaking being demonstrated?  Through the summer we demonstrate at the Industrial Museum in the courtyard at Wollaton Hall on the first Sunday of the month from 11am.  Come and say hello!